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NC Pre-employment drug screening?

Question by Kenny L: NC Pre-employment drug screening? I've had a couple good interviews with a company. I received a call from the HR recruiter and he said - I must complete the drug screening/background check before an offer is made. I was told "there's no point in making an offer when come to ...

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Who’s Hands are in Your Money?

This story was taken from KTLA - LA News as a great representation of why Employee Background Screening is so vital. Every employer needs do their do diligence and make sure they know who they are hiring or they could fall victim just like the ...

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U.S. Companies Report Alarming Increase in Employee Fraud

“Infinity screening” can protect businesses during the economic downturn, Accu-Screen reports Chalk up one more negative consequence of the economic downturn: employee fraud and thefts are on the rise. Employees facing increased financial hardships (such as having a spouse who was laid off, a sick ...

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Don’t Be Scared by “Scareware”

We’ve all seen them—pop-up messages telling you your computer is infected with a virus. To get rid of it, all you have to do is order the antivirus software being advertised. Before you click, though, know this: few Internet security companies use ads to tell you about a virus on your computer. Most of these pop-ups ...

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