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Outrageous Resume Lies, Frauds, and Employment Scam Artists Revealed in Free Webinar September 9th

Liars, con artists, and employment scammers are about to have their cover blown in a live webinar hosted by professional background screening expert Kevin Connell. In this free interactive webinar, Connell will share real stories of outrageous resume lies and reveal insider secrets of employment scam artists. TAMPA FL -- Today's most prosperous liars, con artists, ...

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Who is Coming into Your House?

Who are you allowing in your House? Sue Weaver contacted a major department store to have her air ducts cleaned. She didn’t know they were sending a twice-convicted sex offender into her home–and that he would later rape and murder her. Her sister started a nonprofit organization ...

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Alexander Zapp’s life could have been saved by a simple Background Check.

Alexandra Zapp was just 30 years old the night convicted sex offender, Paul Leahy, took her life. Alexandra, or “Ally” as those who knew her called her, was on her way home from a charity sunset cruise when she decided to stop at a Burger King at a rest stop in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. ...

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Best Buy Finds a Good and a Bad Employee.

Here is a great article written by Kathleen Edmond. The real life story is about Best Buy Ethics, and how one employee can make a huge difference - for good or bad. Best Buy recently earned some rather embarrassing publicity in a federal court case regarding a $40M fraud scheme involving one of our employees and ...

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