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‘Mule Skinners’ Subject To Background Employment Checks

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Background employment checksIn 2009, it was discovered that a new anti-terror would affect more people than was ever expected. The law required that transportation workers must go through a background employment check. This new law affected an unsuspecting class of workers, called ‘mule skinners’. A mule skinner, as reported in an article from CNN, is one that walks alongside two mules that are pulling a boat along a canal. According to the park’s director, the boat reaches speeds of 2 miles per hour.

New Law Affects Anyone Holding Credentials Issued By The U.S. Coast Guard

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The park’s director contacted their U.S. Representative, Charles Dent, about the issue. In response, he contacted the Transportation Security Administration requesting a waiver for the employees of the park. However, they referenced the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, which requires anyone holding credentials from the U.S. Coast Guard to obtain the Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC). To obtain these credentials requires that the park employees go through stringent background employment checks.

Representative To Work With Homeland Security Secretary

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Dent has not given up the fight to reduce the regulations imposed for mule skinners. After hitting a brick wall with TSA, he spoke with the incoming Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, to work on a resolution. During his presentation, Dent showed a photo of two workers dressed in colonial wear walking alongside the mules with the boat in the background. The picture illustrated the requirement for the new cards for the mule skinners would be extreme and demonstrated how the rule has reached farther than its intended purpose of protecting the United States from attack. Following the presentation Napolitano stated she would work with Dent to come to a resolution on the issue.

Background Employment Checks Still Important For Any Employer

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Background employment checksWhile the government mandated TWIC cards might be a little excessive, any employer would benefit from knowing their business, employees and visitors were safe from threats. Background employment checks provide a company with an extensive history on their employing including checking them against the national crime databases. AccuScreen has been performing background screening since 1994 and is a leader in the industry. Their reports are 100% guaranteed, and reports can be obtained right away, while others may take up to 72 hours, depending on the type of report and the individual being reviewed. Contact Accuscreen today and ensure the safety of your business!

  • Kjkllkh

    Oh, and you also need a drug test too...

  • Kjkllkh

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    America, land of opportunity and of the free... where you need a background check, a W2 form, social security card, proof of residence, proof of insurance, proof of legal U.S. citizenship and another stack of government approved documents to walk through 2 feet of runny mule shit all day for $6.25 an hour...

    I just love what this cuntry has become.

  • Not long after Mr. Dent's exchange with the Secretary, the Department of Homeland Security quietly be reaffirmed its position that the mule skinners are required to get TWICs. There may be some relief for future mule skinners in the Coast Guard Authorization Act that just passed Congress--it's hard to tell, because the language is somewhat obscure and was designed to exempt fishing guides. The existing mule skinners will already have gotten TWICs, so the relief, if any, won't kick in for them until TWIC renewal time.

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