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Employers: Can You Identify A Fake Diploma?

What is a fake diploma?

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Fake diplomas come from “diploma mills”. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines a diploma mill as, “An institution of higher education operating without supervision of a state or professional agency and granting diplomas which are either fraudulent or, because of the lack of proper standards, worthless.”

Identifying a fake diploma

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The reality is that 43% of job applicants lie on their resume′ in one form or another. One of the biggest lies on a resume or job application is a fake education. This can be presented by false claims of graduating from a school by supplying fake diplomas from diploma mills. Regardless of the how the fake education is presented, it is fraudulent and should be of great concern to employers.

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The best way to stop this type of unethical behavior by applicants is to conduct an employment background screening prior to hire. Hiring a pre-employment firm such as will help uncover and identify fake degrees and bogus claims of an education. has the resources, experience and skills to verify legitimate schools versus diploma mill degrees.

The market for fake diplomas

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Employers need to be aware that the market for fake diplomas is very lucrative and very easy to set up and get away with. Through the ease of the Internet, diploma mills and “phony” diploma companies can provide low cost, good quality diplomas. Even if the government steps in to stop them, they are up and running on the Internet the very next day. Unethical job applicants are more than happy to take full advantage of the ease of obtaining a diploma through a diploma mill or a “novelty diploma” company. These companies make it very easy to get a fake education and diploma for a relatively low price. Some fake “schools” and novelty companies can provide bogus transcripts for an extra fee.

Why employees use fake diplomas

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Employees use fake degrees because it is easy and the job market can be very competitive. Even a position does not require a degree, a fake degree will be used to “get a leg up” on the competition.

The consequences of hiring fake graduates

The consequences that can arise out of hiring candidates with fake degrees are financial and physical damages. Employees who receive their degrees from diploma mills are not properly trained. They are more likely to make mistakes on the job that can result in a lawsuit or financial loss for a business. This is in addition to physical harm they can cause fellow employees and the public.

Making sure you avoid the “diploma mill” graduates

What it comes down to is that lazy and lying job applicants will use diploma mills to “earn” their degree. Employers can’t keep job applicants from buying their education, but they can take action to avoid hiring them. By conducting a professional background screening, including an educational records search, many inconsistencies can be discovered and problem employees averted.

  •  This is the first time that I heard the issue about “fake diploma” and it seems
    like it’s becoming serious. If we conduct nanny or employment background check
    to all applicants maybe we could determine if the applicant is a real graduate
    or not.Just a thought. 

  • fake diploma

    I am agree with you. Company should check the employees certificate carefully, either its degree or diplomas certificate. Because these days fake diploma are available at every places.

    fake diploma

  • elena

    As an employer I can say, from my own experience, that I totally agree with the consequences of hiring a fake graduate. Everyone must be very careful on what applicants will be selected, the whole future of the firm could be at risk. In these times that we are living in, anyone has to be very skeptical and franc.
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