Q&A: What does it mean to “successfully pass a background check”?

Question by Louie: What does it mean to “successfully pass a background check”?
A lot of employers require the candidate “to successsfully pass a criminal background check”, however, they are never specific as to what this constitutes. Of course, if you just did 10 years for rape or 20 years for murder, you’re not going to pass. Also, any prior felony conviction will usually be adequate to disqualify you.

But what about misdemeanors or ordinance offenses? Or felony arrests that did not result in conviction? Is it just really company policy when it comes to these less serious matters?
Yes, glock I understand those are the things that show up, but what needs to be on there to “fail”? It probably depends on the company and the position???

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Answer by glock310
i have seen things such as probation for previous arrests and crimes and also such things as speeding or any traffic violations and also credit history as well and previous employment

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  • Hmm... Such a great info. Really helpful in meanwhile.

  • Actually all the things which resulted  in  a visit to  cops is treated as something non tolerable .Seriousness of things  done bu accused not defined here 

  • Conniehndy

    what about felonies for drug possession,over 5 years past?

  • Redrum1500

    I got arrested for parking in a handicap parking with my fathers decal is that considered grounds to fail????

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